2014 October
Focus on... Board Operations

The Western & Central Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo
2014 October The Western & Central Florida Condo, HOA & Co-op Expo

Become a better board member, hone your management skills and earn continuing education unit credits by attending The Western & Central Florida Cooperator’s first annual Condo, HOA, & Co-op Expo on December 9th at the Tampa Convention Cent…

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Board Operations The Call of Duty
2014 October The Call of Duty

When electing board members to serve on behalf of your community, you expect them to be on their best behavior and to think of the needs of the building and the people who live there when making their decisions. Regardless of the type of c…

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Board Operations Called to Serve
2014 October Called to Serve

In a dense urban or sprawling suburban environment, people can still feel isolated. While high-rise residential buildings and suburban subdivisions put many people and families in very close proximity to one another, living side-by-side do…

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Board Operations When Boards Don’t Play by the Rules
2014 October When Boards Don’t Play by the Rules

Many if not most boards get along famously. There are boards that have had the same members for decades and run their communities without a hitch. “Ninety percent of boards run very, very well,” says James Donnelly, CEO and the presi…

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Board Operations The Dream Team
2014 October The Dream Team

The “Dream Team” label is often used to describe a perfect combination of highly-skilled people drawn together for a particular purpose. The 1992 U.S. mens' Olympic basketball team is probably the most famous example, but 'dream teams' hav…

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Q&A Q&A: Looking for Information
2014 October Q&A: Looking for Information

Q I own a condo unit and recently I asked to get a copy of my building's insurance policy. The board's management told me that they only give this information out when an owner is buying, selling or refinancing, none of which I am doing. …

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Q&A Q&A: Taking Charge on Repairs
2014 October Q&A: Taking Charge on Repairs

I’ve had an ongoing problem with water leaks in my condo. If there is damage to my roof and it leaks into my condominium unit and I reported it to the board three times with no repairs made, can I repair it myself and deduct the cost from m…

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Q&A Q&A: Penalizing a Renter for Delinquent Owner?
2014 October Q&A: Penalizing a Renter for Delinquent Owner?

We have an owner in our condominium association who is several months behind in his fees. He currently has a tenant renting out his unit. The association pays the bill for his water, sewage, pool and other amenities. Do we as an association…

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