2014 January
Focus on... Management/Board Relations

Management Changing Managers or Firms?
2014 January Changing Managers or Firms?

Faced with a less-than-satisfactory management situation, a condominium or cooperative board may decide not to adapt, but to replace their property manager, or even switch firms completely. According to experts, this practice happens more …

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Management Managing Amenities
2014 January Managing Amenities

The rules and regulations that owners and residents in a condominium or homeowners’ association must follow “are what they are,” says James Donnelly. “Most are reasonable and well accepted.” Yet, he takes issue with one rule at the F…

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Management Secrets of Successful Managers
2014 January Secrets of Successful Managers

As jugglers of multiple and oftentimes complex tasks, property managers must be adept at mediating between board members and unit owners, as well as resolving all manner of maintenance and legal issues. To this end, property managers don’t…

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Management Knowing When to Call Your Manager
2014 January Knowing When to Call Your Manager

Olivia Pope, the main character on ABC’s Scandal, is a professional fixer. If you have a problem—any problem—she can fix it. Over the past two seasons plus, she’s rigged elections, covered up murders, employed professional hit men, exposed…

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Neighborhoods Tampa Bay, Florida
2014 January Tampa Bay, Florida

With a coastline offering up stunning beaches, striking sunsets and world class salt water fishing, not to mention extreme water sports, Tampa Bay has evolved from a haven for partying spring breakers into a city with a vibrant culture wit…

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Q&A: Assessing Unit Owners
2014 January Q&A: Assessing Unit Owners

Q Is there a maximum amount that an assessment can be raised each year? What is the increase based on? —Fiscally Conservative A “Under Florida law, there is no maximum amount an assessment can be increased each year,” says attor…

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Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors
2014 January Q&A: Dealing with Noisy Neighbors

We have been having problems with our upstairs neighbors. Right above us, they seem to be playing musical chairs all evening long. Needless to say, it’s totally nerve-wracking trying to sit and converse or watch TV. We have had words with …

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