Category: Landscaping

Landscaping The Grass is Greener
2014 April The Grass is Greener

While Floridians do not have to brave the chilly, barren winters of more northerly environs, in many respects it’s more difficult to maintain a lush lawn year-round than it is to plant more seasonally in a varied climate. Challenging or no…

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Landscaping Making Hard Surfaces Work
2014 April Making Hard Surfaces Work

Installing a lush landscape is usually one of the first things associations do to increase curb appeal, and ultimately, market value. Sure, dense shrubbery, towering palm trees and vibrant flowerbeds will catch prospective buyers’ eyes, bu…

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Landscaping The Suburban Jungle
2014 April The Suburban Jungle

Florida is well known for its sunshine, sandy beaches and lovely semi-tropical landscapes. The verdant backdrop of native plants is studded with pops of color and graceful palm trees wave overhead. Condominiums and HOAs typically find land…

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