Government Action Resources for Community Associations CAI Compiles Useful Information - and Links - for Boards

Government Action Resources for Community Associations

The Community Associations Institute (CAI) has compiled a digest of government action resources (including clickable links) to help multifamily communities navigate the process of reopening their amenities and common areas now that the federal government and most states are beginning to lift stay-at-home orders imposed during the height of the COVID-19 crisis. According to a June 9 press statement promoting the organization's resource list, the pace and extent of phased re-openings varies from state to state, making it all the more important for boards and managers to stay abreast of the situation where they are. 

"Some, but not all, eviction, foreclosure, and short-term rental moratoriums were lifted, and others were extended," said CAI's Government and Public Affairs team. [We] continue to track these actions, their impact on community associations, and [offer] COVID-19 government action resources to help communities navigate these changes."

The resource directory includes: 

  • Local government action summaries: The National League of Cities and the National Association of Counties offers a legislative tracking tool that links users to COVID-19 ordinances. The tool is "powerful and easy-to-use," and also includes a link to local short-term rental moratoriums.
  • State government action summaries: Users can search information on each state's emergency declarations, reopening guidelines, foreclosure and eviction actions, short-term rental bans, and pending state legislation
  • Federal government action summaries: This includes information on everything from the federal mortgage foreclosure and eviction actions to Small Business Administration Economic Injury Disaster and Paycheck Protection loan programs.
  • Healthy Communities: COVID-19 & Community Associations Summary of Relevant CDC Guidelines. Developed by CAI, this is a practical summary of advice adapted from CDC guidelines that ?should help board members, community managers, and business partners determine how to safely and effectively operate in a world forever changed by COVID-19."

COVID-19 Federal Legislative Action Campaigns—Call to Action

According to the statement, "CAI is asking our members to inform their congressional representatives about issues impacting community associations during the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. To date, more than 10,000 CAI members have contacted their legislators. As Congress negotiates the next round of legislation, there are three policy issues continuing to impact CAI members." You can click here to contact your member of Congress and urge them to support community associations by:

  1. Expanding financial support for community associations and owners
  2. Preserving an association's ability to collect community association assessments
  3. Providing a safe harbor from liability for community associations if an association documents adherence to CDC and state and local guidelines for common area reopening and operations

"CAI recognizes the amount of work our members dedicate to advocating on behalf of the 73.5 million Americans living and working in community associations," the statement continues. "There are many uncertainties about the severity and impacts of this disease and resulting economic crisis. CAI remains committed to helping the people living and working in community associations navigate this unique period of risks and challenges. 

For more COVID- 19 resources for community associations, visit

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