2015 December
Focus on... Safety & Security/Expo

Security Security Technology
2015 December Security Technology

The most important aspect of managing a building is keeping it, its residents, and their property safe. In days past, 'safety technology' consisted mostly of well-lit exits, the installation of panic bars and glow-in-the-dark stripping on e…

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Security Who Goes There?
2015 December Who Goes There?

One of the benefits of transitioning from renter to homeowner is the knowledge that your space is sacred and belongs only to you. When it comes to association living however, sometimes unit owners have to give building staff or managers acc…

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Security Condo Inspections
2015 December Condo Inspections

On the roof of a high-rise condominium building, a wall of concrete panels surrounded a large cooling tower, supported by structural-steel I-beams. After decades in the Sunshine State’s corrosive climate, the steel beams had rusted and were…

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Emergency Preparedness Building Safety for Everyone
2015 December Building Safety for Everyone

Florida, the retirement capital of the world, is home to more than 4.8 million seniors age 60 and older. Approximately one in four suffers some type of physical impairment. When you factor in a climate prone to tropical storms, hurricanes, …

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Emergency Preparedness Storm Maintenance and Cleanup
2015 December Storm Maintenance and Cleanup

Florida is well known for sunshine, amusement parks, vacations, and a retirement destination. But there's another side to the Florida lifestyle that's not so popular, and that's the extreme weather that comes with hurricane season.  Sporadi…

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Law & Legislation The Business Next Door
2015 December The Business Next Door

Many aspects of the American work landscape have changed radically in the last two decades. As the service and information economies have overtaken manufacturing and other more traditional forms of labor, the old 9-to-5, office-bound workda…

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Q&A Q&A: Dealing for Dollars
2015 December Q&A: Dealing for Dollars

Q. My question is on the ethics of awarding contracts to relatives or those vendors who are getting preferential treatment because they are familiar to board members. What happens when a board president creates a landscape contract specif…

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Q&A Q&A: Mortgage Money Mess
2015 December Q&A: Mortgage Money Mess

Q. I am trying to purchase a condominium in Western Florida, but it seems that the board is dragging its feet and holding up the process based on my financial status. I don't know what the problem is because I have an excellent credit his…

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