Securing Your Building Exteriors Keeping the Outside Safe

Exteriors of buildings aren’t always smooth brick walls. There are all sorts of indentations and protrusions, from terraces to stonework to cornices. There are also items that are not part of the building, but are affixed to it, like scaffolds and window air conditioners. And if such items are poorly secured or loose, it could lead to disaster.

In Florida, where the populace is all too familiar with hurricanes and other wind-borne agents of devastation, securing exteriors is especially important. If something is loose on the outside of a building, high winds make the exterior facades vulnerable, whether you’re in a city or the suburbs. There are also other causes of incidents, such as construction accidents or material that comes loose after a number of years from weather, wear and tear.

Consider these happenings:

• In January, two construction workers were injured when a wall fell on them at a downtown Miami construction site.

• In June, residents of the Venetian Isles residential complex in Leesburg were evacuated after strong winds tore through a roof.


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