2017 November
Focus on... Building Maintenance

Maintenance Optimizing HVAC
2017 November Optimizing HVAC

Everyone loves the turning of the seasons, what with leaves changing and snow falling and pools opening and the like. But Mother Nature has little concern for the comfort of humans, so fluctuating temperatures bring the need for residential…

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Maintenance Laundry Room Maintenance
2017 November Laundry Room Maintenance

Can you imagine living in a building or association that doesn’t have a laundry room? These days, having on-site laundry facilities for residents isn’t an amenity – it’s a necessity, and keeping yours functional and well-maintained is just …

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Maintenance Non-Resident Board Members
2017 November Non-Resident Board Members

For many reasons, common-interest communities such as co-ops, condominiums, and HOAs prefer that the people living in the community’s units be the actual owners of those units – rather than renters, or subtenants, or relatives of the owners…

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Q&A Q&A: Serving on Two Boards
2017 November Q&A: Serving on Two Boards

Q. Is it illegal for members on the HOA board to also hold a position on the board of directors of the property management company that the HOA hires and oversees?                               —Conflict of Interest? A. “While the sit…

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Q&A Q&A: Changing the Bylaws
2017 November Q&A: Changing the Bylaws

Q. I own a co-op apartment in Fort Lauderdale. The bylaws of the association state that 80 percent of the members of the association have to agree in any changes or alteration of the bylaws. At a special meeting to amend the bylaws, only …

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