Cooperator Expo Western Florida Returns to Tampa A Must-Attend for Board Members, Managers, and Condo/HOA Decision-Makers

Cooperator Expo Western Florida Returns to Tampa
Cooperator Expo Western Florida Returns to Tampa Dec. 13th!

On Thursday, December 13th, thousands of board members, managers, and condo and HOA residents will gather at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa for the latest edition of The Cooperator Expo Western Florida. 

Since its inaugural show in 2014, the Tampa expo has been drawing hundreds of vendors, service providers, industry professionals, and thousands of attendees from all over the region for a day full of networking, service-shopping, free advice, and information-rich educational seminars – all at no cost to attendees. 

The Expo Western Florida is one of two such events in the Sunshine State sponsored by Yale Robbins Publications, parent company of both The Western Florida Cooperator and the South Florida Cooperator, and is a golden opportunity for anyone involved – or just interested – in their building or association’s day-to-day operations to take advantage of having over 180 vendors and service providers, attorneys, management professionals, and a huge array of other condo and HOA-related resources. The Expo is an invaluable opportunity for attendees to learn about the latest in building services, attend valuable seminars, get free advice from legal and management experts, and more. (Did we mention that it’s free to register? Just visit – it’s that easy.)

And speaking of seminars, this year's roster of enlightening, educational presentations will feature the following, several of which can count toward Board Certification and/or CEU credits: 

8:00AM-10:00AM, ROOM 2


Sponsored by: FL Legal Group
Course: #9627617
Speakers: Nicki F. Asmer
Newly-elected board members are required to take a board certification course within the last 90 days of their election. Join Nicki F. Asmer of FL Legal Group and obtain your certification.

10:15AM-11:15PM, ROOM 1 

Sponsored by: USI Insurance Services 
Speaker: Adam K. Lopatin
As evidenced by recent hurricanes, freakish weather events not only upend the lives of affected communities but can cause major financial losses for those without proper and adequate insurance. This timely seminar will offer advice to community associations and condo owners on what to look for in selecting an insurance policy in the event of hurricanes and other catastrophic events; how to determine whether you are sufficiently covered; and when it’s the right time to revisit and update your existing coverage.

11:15AM-12:15PM, ROOM 2 

Sponsored by: M2E Consulting Engineers 
Speaker: Joel Figueroa
The 40-Year Recertification Ordinance was initially enacted in Miami-Dade in the mid-1970’s and requires 40-year-old buildings to be recertified by a qualified engineer or architect for structural and electrical safety, and every 10 years thereafter. This presentation reviews the objective and benefits of the 40-year recertification; Miami-Dade and Broward ordinances; what the process is like; and what it entails, such as inspections, potential repairs, length of the process, and so on.

12:15PM-1:15PM, ROOM 1


Sponsored by: Asphalt Restoration Technology Systems, Inc.
Course: #9628562
Speakers: Connie Lorenz
Ever wonder if you are getting what you paid for with your paving contractor? Is the RFP right for your community? Is it bad if the trucks with the new asphalt are sitting on the property for hours before installing it? How long before you are allowed to drive on new pavement? This fun, informa-tion-packed seminar will examine the ins-and-outs of how to put together and complete the “perfect paving project.”

1:15PM-2:15PM, ROOM 2 

Sponsored by: Ged Lawyers, LLP 
Speaker: Marius Ged and Glen Ged
Community associations must stay prepared for natural disasters and emergencies. In this seminar, experts will discuss what boards and managers should do in advance of an emergency, whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster, fire, flood, or any other threat that can impact a community’s property and/or lives.

2:15PM-3:15PM, ROOM 1


Sponsored by: FL Legal Group
Course: #9629179
Speakers: Nicki F. Asmer

If you are a board member, keeping track of new legislation and precedent-setting legal decisions impacting your condo or HOA is mandatory. This seminar will answer questions, clarify technical language, and get you up to speed on recent legislation that board members must be aware of and prepared to act upon.

For more information and free registration, visit See you at the show!